South Africa

Leopard © Jeff McClay

The McClay’s African Adventure

The team at African Safari Consultants recently received this amazingly positive feedback from the McClays, for whom we’d organised their dream African safari. Donna McClay was kind enough to provide us with some excerpts of her travel diary, which we’ve included below. Enjoy!


Checking in at Uthando

Here at African Safari Consultants, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community. It is for this reason that we regularly partner with the Uthando Organisation and help out where we can with one of their many worthwhile initiatives. We just received their latest newsletter, and thought we’d share with you the great things …


Uthando: Jungle Gym Jollies

A little while ago, the African Safari Consultants Facebook page received a tremendous outpouring of support which truly overwhelmed all of us here. To give something back, we decided to partner with the Uthando Organisation and help them out financially with one of their current projects (more here). We’re pleased to be able to report back …



Last week Thursday, my colleagues and I were due a company lunch to talk Social Media and the like. Our Chief Safari Guru, Jeff, was down from New York for the week and was itching to do something a little different. Jeff had recently heard from a friend of his in New York about this …

Flood Damage at Mala Mala

Mala Mala: Extended Closure

As some of you may know, the Kruger Park was quite badly hit by flash floods a week or so ago. This affected several camps in the area, including one of our favourites, Mala Mala. The following is a press release regarding when they expect to reopen… “Regretfully, after viewing the Mala Mala Game Reserve …


Red Hartebeest collides with mountain biker

A jaw dropping YouTube clip was recently circulated like wild fire on all the major news networks and social media platforms. You must have seen it by now – the guy on a mountain bike who gets slammed into by a flying antelope. Click to view clip :  Red Hartebeest collides with biker If we sold mountain …

African Jacana - his long toes allow him to 'walk on water'

Birders vs non-birders on safari

Non-birders on safari Now here is a dilemma. We recently had a couple who all in all had a fantastic safari in Botswana and Kruger except for one recurring problem….They proclaimed to not be very interested in birds, but just as luck would have it, they found themselves on game drives with keen birders, or …

Old Big-Mouth in the foreground. Rhino mother and calf are reflected in the water in the background

Pic of the week : Hippo by Stephen Raffay

Hippopotamus amphibius  – “river horse” This great shot of a hippo showing off his incisors was taken by Stephen Raffay, a professional photographer who is currently on safari in the Kruger National Park area care of   Contrary to popular belief, this old guy is not yawning or opening up wide for the dentist…! This …