Americans Plan to Travel in 2011

According to a survey by Trip Advisor, Americans are resolving to travel more this year than last.  The survey stated that travelers were planning to visit long haul destinations, and were prepared to spend more on a vacation trip compared to 2010. This is good news for the tourism industry, but potential travelers will need to secure reservations at popular destinations (like Botswana’s Okavango Delta) early to avoid disappointment. U.S. travelers expressed concern about high carry-on baggage fees, hotels fees, and TSA full body scanners in 2010; however they expressed positive views of more online travel deals and cheaper accommodation rates.

There is also a rise in ‘fakeations’, where travelers take their work on their trip.  Technological advances have led to more and more travelers being connected to work than ever before.  Most travelers admit to checking their work email on leisure trips, while some even called the office to check in.  Only a few considered the remoteness of their destination specifically to avoid connecting with work.  Our recommendation:  leave the work at home and truly enjoy all that Africa (or any other destination you might be visiting this year) has to offer you.

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