ASC Pic of the Week – Growling Leopard

Susan Portnoy, Senior Executive Director of Corporate Communication at Conde Nast, recently started uploading her photos from a recent trip to Tanzania, and I was impressed to say the least.  The set that she has uploaded are pretty incredible, and her ability to seemingly put the viewer right into the action is uncanny.  My favorite so far has been this beautiful picture of a growling leopard at Klein’s Camp in Tanzania.  I’d try to explain, but I think that Susan does it best:

“While this photo depicts what seems to be a very irritated and menacing leopard, I am happy to report that he was neither irritated or menacing… at least he wasn’t irritated by me. His growly demeanor is actually in response to gnats or bugs that were flying around his face. In between each grimace he was most relaxed and non-plussed. Of course, a bored leopard isn’t quite as photogenic.”

Check out Susan’s blog to see the rest of her amazing pictures, and enjoy this beautiful picture for yourself after the jump!

P.S. If you have any beautiful pictures of Africa from your own travels, we’d love to see them! Feel free to email them to edward[at]africansafaris[dot]com and we’d be happy to post them on our blog with your permission.

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