Meet the ASC Team – Jeff

Jeff is a twenty-year veteran of the travel industry. He began his travel career at the age of 8, memorizing seating configurations on the newly launched 747′s and creating a fantasy airline (NorthWard Air), complete with schedules, route maps and fleet plans. He went on to book all of his family’s holidays, college friends’ years abroad, and more honeymoons than Club Med. After grad school Jeff spent over a decade with American Airlines, where he concentrated on perfecting the customer experience, pioneering airport automation, creating tasty inflight cuisine and ticketless travel. In 2008, he launched Savvy Navigator Tours LLC, where he combined his executive experience in the trade with a passion for deeply enriching travel, to create total immersion adventures for clients around the world. In 2010, Jeff and his partners in Cape Town took over the management of ASC, where he’s now the managing partner in the US office.

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What do you enjoy most about the safari industry? I love that I can spend hours in the bush, tracking amazing animals, and still head back to the lodge and have a tasty cocktail, a good meal, and go to sleep soundly in a bed with high thread count sheets.

Your most memorable moment on safari? Back in 2008, my ASC partner, Vanessa, and I were on safari in the Sabi Sands game reserve in South Africa. We were out with one of Londolozi’s best rangers who had us tracking one of their leopards. Eventually, we maneuvered into position for front-row seats for a kill! We saw the leopard we had been stalking take down a young impala. It happened really quickly, so sadly, I didn’t get any video.

Your favorite safari destination? It has to be Botswana! There is just so much there, and so few concessions and lodges on vast acres of land. The Botswana government really understands eco-tourism and are doing their best to preserve their natural assets.

Your favorite animal? I love lions, and especially, an aggressive lioness with her cubs. No beast (or human) can really do anything at all to come between a mama lion and her babies. I generally hate cute stuff, but in the bush, a lioness with her litter is pretty darn cute.

What sets ACS apart? We are the bridge between North America and Africa. When you plan your safari with us, you have the peace of mind that you’re working with an established American operator (and paying in $US with an American bank), while having the expertise of our on-the-continent planning desk in Cape Town. You really get the best of both worlds.

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