Meet the ASC Team – Vanessa

Vanessa was lucky enough to travel extensively as a girl, including road trips with

college friends across Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and a few years overseas in Europe and the United States. These trips instilled a love for travel in her, and a deep understanding of what people want when they visit a country.  Vanessa also had a desire to share Africa with the rest of the world, and loved showing visitors around the Cape while she was studying at UCT.  After a short stint in the advertising industry, Vanessa started freelance tour guiding where she developed some wonderful relationships with past clients in the US who ultimately referred their friends and family on.  One thing led to another and eventually Vanessa started putting safari trips together as one of ASC’s managing partners.  Vanessa’s unique combination of experience and passion have made her a driving force in the African travel industry across her 15-year career.  Just be careful because from the moment you speak with Vanessa, she might convince you that you never want to leave Africa!

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What do you enjoy most about the safari industry? Connecting people in America with places in Africa.  Every enquiry that crosses our door gets tackled as if it’s one of us who is going on safari.  I love the energy and the buzz as we brainstorm where to send our clients so that they have the most awesome vacation possible.

Your most memorable moment on safari? When I witnessed lions kill a hyena right outside my tent by the light of a full moon.

Your favorite safari destination? Namibia for its lack of people and unexpected natural treasures: from unique desert vegetation, to ancient geological formations, to strange desert-adapted animals and insects.  You can see Africa’s Big Five on safari in the Etosha National Park one day and see the world’s highest sand dunes the next.

Your favorite animal? The lion because it symbolises Africa.

What sets ACS apart? ASC could also stand for AUTHENTIC safari consultants.  We are a tight knit team who are sincere and genuine about what we do.  We are acutely aware of what a big responsibility we bear when it comes to planning and managing a once-in-a-lifetime African safari.  ASC is the perfect double-edged sword:  we have a large presence in the US as well as a strong partnership with a knowledgeable Southern African based ground handler.

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