Newborn Gorilla Twins in Rwanda

Two healthy baby gorillas were born on Thursday, February 3, in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.  This is wonderful news for tourists and conservationists. Gorillas don’t often give birth to twins and as such, this is an extremely rare occasion. As you know, the Mountain Gorilla population is under threat and female gorillas usually have one baby every four years; so this is a wonderful double whammy!  The mother, called Kabatwa, and the twins (both males) are doing well.  What names would you give to twin boy gorillas?

It is estimated that there are only 800 Mountain Gorillas left on the planet. That’s how vulnerable and endangered they are. We at African Safari Consultants have sent many happy clients to see the gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda. Client feedback is that it is a life-changing experience to be in the presence of these gentle giants (lucky Liesl in our ASC team has had the privilege). If you would like to plan a gorilla tracking trip, contact us for more info!

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    This is fantastic news about the two baby gorillas. I would name them George and Elliott. I would love to come out and see how they are getting on. Hopefully now the mountain gorilla population will increase.

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