Pregnancy in the Bush

The following story comes from one of ASC’s own. Vanessa, an intrepid traveller and African Safari Consultant team member, dragged her husband off to Namibia on a site inspection trip. The catch? She was 6 months pregnant at the time! She said it was their last trip alone together before their life changed forever. They rented a 4×4 and drove off into the desert, stopping off to check out some of the most fabulous lodges and guest houses en route. Vanessa loves Namibia, its big skies, cinnamon sand dunes, friendly people, and fascinating desert flora and wildlife. She also loves the sense of adventure that you feel when you’ve been out on the open road for an hour without passing another car. The countryside may look harsh and unwelcoming, but the tourist infrastructure is well established and it is actually a surprisingly “soft” destination.

Here’s pregnant Vanessa climbing a sand dune at Sossusvlei.

Read on to see two more pictures of Vanessa’s pregnant travels.

Here’s our pregnant colleague changing a tire in the middle of the desert!

Lastly, if you look closely maybe you can spot Vanessa relaxing in a hammock at Wolwedans Dunes Lodge?

Moral of Vanessa’s story? No matter what point you are in life, a safari can be the perfect trip for anyone! Contact ASC today to get your dream vacation started.

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