Rains in Africa

Recently, we posted a story and pictures about the effect that the rains can have on the Namib. This week we have some more amazing news about the rain. Of course, the rainy season has finally arrived in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is a magical time as nature explodes into life, babies are born, and the landscape turns green. Regions that are dry for most of the year, seemingly ‘dead’ to the untrained eye, come alive.

The cool folks at Planet Baobab in the Makgadigadi in Botswana had this to report:

It’s the rainy season in The Makgadikgadi! With rainfall statistics coming in at 600 mm to date, we often receive downpours of up to 60mm in just a couple of hours! This incredible experience of an absolute whiteout during a thunderstorm is not dissimilar to the experience of standing in a snowstorm… just a whole lot more fun, knowing that in a few moments the sun will be out.

And the results of all this rain… Well, everything has just burst into life, the wildlife in and around Planet Baobab is in a breeding and feeding frenzy, from the tadpoles, terrapins and bream that have taken up residence in our very own newly formed mini-dams and fishponds, the huge quantities of crane, stork, ibis and waterfowl that soar in on a regular basis to the brightly-coloured Banded Rubber Frogs digging themselves out of the soil where they have lain in wait, motionless for several months.

The Rains in Makgadikgadi

If you would like to visit this incredible region and experience the transformation from desert to wetland, head to www.africansafaris.com and contact African Safari Consultants for special wet season safari rates.

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