Safari Cap Rounds the World

We hear from our clients all the time just how much they enjoyed their safari trips; for some, the magic that they experienced changed their lives.  Bobbi, a former client from California, had exactly that experience.  Bobbi’s daughter Stefanie had been to Africa twice, and loved it both times.  She had a dream of going back with Bobbi, who has always loved animals but would never call herself adventurous.

Tragically, Bobbi lost her parents last year; they both lived wonderful lives well into their 90s.  Stefanie knew this was the time to tell Bobbi of her dream of returning to Africa together.  She knew that Bobbi would feel the same deep connection and emotion that she herself had felt when she stepped onto the continent.  Much to Stefanie’s surprise, and her own, Bobbi said yes!  Stefanie took care of all of the plans, while Bobbi wrote the check (what a great mom!).  They knew their destination would be Botswana, and they knew Wilderness Safari camps would be their resting place.

Bobbi took the trip in August 2010, and had the time of her life!  In her words, “the camps were perfect, the weather was perfect, the people couldn’t have been more amazing.”  Bobbi and Stefanie stayed for two weeks, three nights each at four different camps.  At each camp, Bobbi purchased a cap to remind her of the amazing, unforgettable adventure.  As an avid golfer, Bobbi wore the caps everywhere after returning home, both on the golf course and off.

Shortly after returning, Bobbi visited a friend who owned a small dog.  She was wearing her favorite cap, one that she had purchase at Chitabe Camp in the Okavango Delta.  When Bobbi gathered her things to leave, she search for the cap; but she couldn’t find it.  Apparently the dog enjoyed the “animal smells” of Bobbi’s precious cap, and decided it was going to be her new chew toy.

Chewed Cap

Bobbi was devastated.  She tried getting over it, but decided she needed another cap.  Not as easy a task as it sounds.  Bobbi’s friends and family could not believe how difficult it was to get another cap from the camp in Botswana, even after explaining the remoteness of the camps.  Cue Jeff Ward, managing partner in the NYC African Safari Consultants head office.  Jeff got in touch with a director at Wilderness, who made sure to reach out within the Wilderness network to make sure a cap from Chitabe was found.  The cap was hand-delivered from Botswana to Joburg by Richard (one of Wilderness’ head office staff), then from Joburg to New York City by Wilderness sales rep Carli, where Jeff finally mailed it off to California.

Bobbi received her cap in the mail a few days ago and was extremely excited. She sent us a lovely email detailing the story with a warm thank you at the end.  “I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time and energy Jeff put in to making sure I got my Chitabe cap!” Bobbi said.  No worries Bobbi, we’re just glad you had such an amazing time that you wanted another cap, and that we could make it happen for you.  Hopefully we’ll see you back in Africa again soon!

Sporting the New Cap!

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