gorongosa national park

Mount Gorongosa Rainforest

Gorongosa National Park: The Return to Glory

The Gorongosa National Park in Central Mozambique is a remarkable success story for African wildlife conservation. Lying at the southern end of the Great African Rift Valley – an active continental rift zone – the park covers some 1500 square miles of grasslands, savannahs and dry forests. The Gorongosa National Park once supported one of …

The Hatted Hippo

Photo of the Week – an old favorite!

I was reminded of this special photo today as it popped into my inbox.  I didn’t actually know the origin of the photo until I read the newsletter (thanks to The Safari Book).  Here is a quick summary of where it came from: This fabulous image has been around since 1979 and was taken by Paul Dutton.  …

The Lake we want to leave for our children

The New Lake Niassa Reserve – Mozambique

Things often take a while to happen in Africa so until they are official one doesn’t like to make too many assumptions.  I’ve heard today that after 6 years in the making, a new lake reserve has been declared – the Lake Niassa Reserve in Mozambique.  More commonly known as Lake Malawi outside of Mozambique, …