kruger park

View looking out over the gardens and river

On your way to the Kruger Park?

Stop over at Hippo Hollow before your Safari One of the best things about work in the tourism industry in Africa is that we have the opportunity to see many, if not most, of the places we recommend daily for clients.  This gives us a huge advantage as we are able to create perfect vacations for our clients. …

Males lions enjoying a long drink after a kill

On Safari – with a difference

It was wonderful to be out on a Safari again!  I must be honest it has been a little while since the African bushveld has passed my senses – there is so much to see and do in South Africa, it is often hard to fit it all in!  We can’t be away from it …

Stop Rhino Poaching Activists

Rhino Poaching – Are we winning the war?

There is so much in the news at the moment with regards to Rhino Poaching.  It’s hard to work out if we are winning the war or losing it, but there certainly are many people involved in fighting this terrible trade.  I was in a book store over the weekend in Cape Town and there, on …