nosy iranja

That morning sea view - Nosy Iranja - Madagascar

View of the Week: Nosy Iranja – Madagascar

Tropical Paradise off the coast of Madagascar Today it finally feels like summer is on the way in Cape Town.  After a week of rainy and cold weather – the sun is out brightly and we feel like we are on the path to flops, shorts, beaches and tans! So I am inspired again by the warm …

Nosy Iranja off the North West Coast of Madagascar

Photo of the Week: Madagascar

With winter well underway in Southern Africa I needed to be reminded of what the sun feels like……I love this soft evening light looking onto Nosy Iranja in Madagascar.  I can feel the sand in my toes and the sun rays on my back.  Lovely way to start what is meant to be a sunny winter weekend in …

An adult Green Turtle

Madagascar and the Green Turtles

Our African shores are vast and like our wonderful land, hold many treasures.  We are so lucky living here, exposed to all this from a young age.  I travelled recently to the magical island of Madagascar.  Wow – what a spot!  Completely unique, there can’t be anywhere in the world like it.   I wasn’t able to get …